Singapore State Visit, Kate Amazingly Well Again

Kate looks amazingly well. Hypermesis Gravidarum has made the Duchess of Cambridge horribly ill for weeks now, but it now looks as though it hasn’t made one dent in her spirits. It’s incredible.

This state visit is a big event, and no one thought Kate would be well enough to attend. Happily, she pulled through just in time.

Tony Tan Keng Yam is the first president of Singapore to make an official state visit to the UK.  He is Singapore’s former deputy Prime Minister, elected as the nation’s seventh president in 2011.

This visit highlights the UK’s increasing economic ties to Southeast Asia.


Cambridges To Welcome Royal Baby #2 in April!

William and Kate are expecting their second royal baby next April.

April 29th, 2015 will mark the Cambridges’ fourth wedding anniversary. This baby will be a good wedding anniversary gift! When my daughter was born last September, we put a little gold bow on her and said she was our fifth wedding anniversary gift. Her birthday comes just one week prior to our anniversary date in October.

What better way to celebrate than have a new baby in the family? Lots of good wishes to the Cambridges, the Middletons, and the whole Royal Family.

Friedrich III of Germany: If he had lived; Royal news roundup | RoyaltyNow!

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Today is the birthday of Friedrich III of Germany. Would the war have been different had he lived? A more reasonable, democratic kaiser could have made a huge difference in relation to Britain and Russia. Instead of the paranoid Wilhelm, Friedrich may have been more even-handed and sensible.

That is today’s highlight. Also, royal news happening now. Join me for a great show! You don’t want to miss it.

NOTE: The end is a bit rushed because I still had a lot to say! :) Maybe it should have been a Part 1 & 2?

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Mansion Tax “Balls Up”

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Ed Balls

Ed Balls. Do you trust a man whose name is Balls? Seriously.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls of the Labour party has made it clear that members of the Royal Family will not be exempt from the annual “Mansion tax” he wants to slap on properties worth more than £2million.

Mr. Balls says that “The Royal Family pays tax like everybody else and rightly so. There aren’t different rules for anybody, it’s the nature of our society and rightly so.”

Not all Labour MPs are on board with this idea.  Labour peer Lord Noon branded the proposals “a hopeless and desperate idea.”

“The mansion tax is going back to the 1970s,” he said.

Several Tories are agitated by the mansion tax – Tory MP Andrew Rosindell said, “The spite of Ed Balls over this policy is breath-taking. This tax would put Royal properties, technically owned by the Queen but also part of our national heritage, in jeopardy. It shows how short-sighted and ill-thought out this policy is.”

It’s not just short-sighted or spiteful, it’s incredibly hypocritical. Balls says that the Royal Family pays tax like everybody else and there aren’t different rules for anybody. How precious of him.

That’s his public line, until Mr. Balls wants to live in a mansion. Or if he owes a friend or an influential political supporter a favor.  THEN the mansion tax will be dismissed easily, I’m sure. Suddenly it just won’t apply. He and his ilk will never say that publicly, but you know that’s the thought.

Seriously, does Mr. Balls think that we live in a utopia of unicorns and cupcakes where people think that the elected politicians are all the good guys?  Please. Give us plebs some credit.

I keep telling you: Beware the Oliver Cromwell syndrome.  Or the Robespierre syndrome, if you will. Both men felt they had it all worked out in terms of democracy, and that they were so much better than a king. Then their eyes went all swirly and they decided to seize power for themselves and just murder with abandon.

Realll nice. At least Ed Balls and fellow MPs aren’t at that point. Not yet, anyway. They’re just holier-than-thou and hypocritical.

The business secretary, Vince Cable, leaped headlong into it by crowing that his Lib-Dem party could countenance the dropping of the 50p tax rate in exchange for the mansions tax. He told Radio 4’s Today program: “If the 50p rate were to go… it should be replaced by taxation of wealth because the wealthy people of the country have to pay their share… The mansion tax is actually a very economically sensible way of doing it.”

That was completely designed to set people off. How divisive and loaded. Who says the wealthy aren’t paying their share? What about their own personal philanthropy? C’mon, Cable. You’ve got to have a better argument than that.

So, then, what about the people on the other extreme in the system? Why not start suggesting that you pull back on over-the-top benefits? Motivate people to get on their own feet and get off the dole. If you’re going to ignite class warfare, then bring it on home. Let’s talk about everyone and how EVERYONE can do something to help the country.

Now, some will smirk and make an anti-monarchy “parasite” comment. The royal family recieves taxpayer money. BUT, they also give back to the nation. Tourism, especially: think about the massive upsurge in money when people, whether local Britons or from overseas, descended for the Jubilees or for other major royal events.

Think of how much those of us in the US have to spend on the Obamas’ upkeep, or on any president and First Family’s security, travel, and more. Again, let’s keep perspective, folks. You can complain about the monarchy, but remember the other forms of government that still cost money. A president ain’t free.  How about the obscene waste of money that goes to funding campaigns? Amounts of money that could pay off my mortgage today, now, and that of my neighbors! But that’s another show for another day.

I just hope Mr. Balls remembers that paying your fair share means everyone, not just one sector of society. Oh, and you can’t change the rules when it doesn’t suit you.


Charlene of Monaco is pregnant with twins

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English: The Princess of Monaco at the "C...

English: The Princess of Monaco at the “Cinema Against AIDS” Gala. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Princess Charlene of Monaco is pregnant with twins. Prince Albert refused to comment and the pregnancy announcement  itself was ambiguous. Now it has been confirmed that Charlene and Albert will be expecting twins in December.