Ireland trip historic and poignant for Prince Charles

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall are undertaking a visit to the Republic of Ireland. Many historic moments are happening, one of which is the meeting between the Prince and Gerry Adams, the leader of Sinn Fein. It is a massive moment in Anglo-Irish relations, much like the Queen’s meeting with Martin McGuinness during her visit to the Republic a couple of years ago.

The most poignant moment came when Charles visited the fishing village Mullaghmore, the site of Lord Mountbatten’s assassination in 1979. Lord Mountbatten, known in the family as “Dickie”, had been very close to Charles. The prince adored him so much that he dubbed Mountbatten his “honorary grandfather”.

When Mountbatten was killed by a bomb planted on his fishing boat, Charles was devastated. His mentor was gone. The prince was also grief-stricken over the other bombing victims: one of Mountbatten’s twin grandsons; boat boy Paul Maxwell; and the Dowager Lady Brabourne had all died from the blast. Mountbatten’s daughter and son-in-law were hospitalized with serious injuries.

Mountbatten’s funeral was held in Westminster Abbey. Jaw set, Charles gave a moving eulogy in his naval uniform, bedecked with his own medals as well as Mountbatten’s. He quoted Psalm 107:23, “They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; [24] These see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep.”

Mountbatten was buried at Romsey Abbey, near his home at Broadlands.

On Wednesday, May 20th, Charles paid tribute to Mountbatten again during his speech at the ‘Model Arts Centre’ in Sligo town.

It was, once again, a moving speech from Charles for his honorary grandfather. The prince encouraged peace for future generations, and spoke of how he intimately understood the loss felt by so many killed by IRA violence.

I’ll be honest: there wasn’t a dry eye at this keyboard. Good for Charles in cementing peace. God bless the Prince of Wales.

Royal baby named: Princess Charlotte

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Britain’s new royal baby is named! Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge.

I’m surprised. Genuinely surprised. I love the lilt of the name, though! It’s beautiful.

It speaks volumes of how much William misses Diana. First he gives Kate her sapphire engagement ring (which Diana chose herself), now he gives his daughter her name.

Congratulations to the family! We all look forward to the new princess growing up with her big brother George!

Royal Baby Names: Which One Tops The Charts?

What will the royal baby names be? Which one tops the charts? Which ones do you like?

During the Duchess of Cambridge’s second pregnancy, everyone started guessing what the child’s name would be. People were laying odds that it would be Alexandra, Alice, and even Diana. Bookies declared that the favorite was Alice if the baby was a girl.

Now that the new princess is here, Alice has been bumped from the top spot after a “late surge in bets”. Bookies say that the new baby may well be Charlotte, instead.

Detail from a portrait of Princess Andrew of G...

Alice, Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark by Philip de László. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an interesting turn of events! The name Alice invoked memories of Prince Philip’s mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg. Queen Victoria’s third daughter was also named Alice. This princess was known for her charitable and caring nature, funding many nursing organizations in her husband’s homeland of Hesse-Darmstadt. She was also the mother of Russia’s last Tsarina, Alexandra.

With Charlotte entering the name race, we now shift gears to the first Charlotte in the British Royal Family – Princess Charlotte of Wales. She was the only child produced in the acrimonious marriage between the future King George IV and Caroline of Brunswick.

Despite her parents’ private and public troubles, Charlotte was a popular and well-loved princess. Her untimely death during childbirth shocked the public and sent everyone into deep mourning. Not only was it a personal tragedy, it had serious constitutional implications, too. Charlotte was the only legitimate heir, and the succession had rested on her and her baby son, who also died during the birth.

Her uncles all scrambled to find suitable brides with whom to produce legitimate sons. Eventually the throne passed to George IV’s brother, William IV. In the end, it was George and William’s brother Edward who would give the British throne the heir and secure stability for the country – Princess Alexandrina Victoria. She would be known to history as Queen Victoria.

In an interesting twist, you could say that Princess Charlotte of Cambridge also caused a major succession change – before she was even born! It was not a crisis, thankfully, but the Queen decided that it was time to abolish the practice of primogeniture (male-only preference). The possibility of a girl being born first to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prompted the change. We now know that Prince George arrived first, but it was a little princess who made her grandmother think of her own childhood, her own status as queen. She’s done a damn fine job as a monarch; who’s to say another queen can’t reign if she’s born first?

Whichever name the Cambridges decide upon will be a personal choice that means a great deal to them. Of course, being a part of the Royal Family means that the princess will be named with something traditional, yet beautiful. Whether it be Alice, Charlotte, or even Elizabeth, this little girl will make her own mark on the world in years to come.

Royal Siblings: A Series

Now that Prince George is blessed with a sister, let’s look at some of the other famous royal siblings!

The British Royal Family:
Charles and Anne


The Swedish Royal Family:
L-R Madeleine, Victoria, and Carl-Philip

The Spanish Royal Family:
Leonor and Sofia
The Norwegian Royal Family:
 Ingrid-Alexandra and Sverre Magnus
The Dutch Royal Family:
Ariane, Amalia, and Alexia

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Cambridges Welcome A Baby Girl

CambridgeGirl-300x187A hearty congratulations to the Cambridges! Kate and William are parents to a little baby girl, born May 2, 2015. The little princess was born in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s hospital where Prince George was born in 2013.

Speaking of  big brother George, almost 2 years old, he is sure to be excited and probably a little confused! Who is this new little person? he’ll wonder.

Hopefully a great friend for life, Georgie. Welcome to Baby Cambridge II.

For a name, I will put forth Alexandra Elizabeth Frances. How spot on will I be (or not)? Find out soon.