Happy First Birthday Prince George!

image People have been saying “Happy birthday, George” for the last 2 weeks. It almost made me forget when his actual birthday was.

However, THE day has genuinely arrived. Prince George of Cambridge is a year old. Happy birthday, little man!

I was expecting a baby at this time last year, too. Our daughter was due in September, and as I awaited her arrival, I joined the legion of Lindo Wing watchers preparing for the debut of Baby Cambridge.

On that day when Kate went into labor, I didn’t envy her. Giving birth sounded daunting. When the Duchess emerged from the hospital, looking tired but incredibly happy, I realized that it might not be so bad. Maybe.

Now I’m on the other side of all that anticipation, and no, it wasn’t so bad! At 10 months, my daughter is almost standing on her own and she’s crawling as fast as lightning. I can definitely relate to the amazement the Cambridges likely feel over how much their baby has grown. George isn’t even a baby anymore, he’s officially a toddler. The changes a year brings!

Here’s to many more years of exciting changes and maybe, just maybe, a sibling or two!


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