From Prince to King: Charles Is Next, Despite Media Claims

From Prince to King: Charles Is Next, Despite Media Claims

English: Charles, Prince of Wales, in a meetin...

English: Charles, Prince of Wales, in a meeting with José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. Español: Carlos de Gales durante un encuentro con José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Express has kicked off the new year with an article about who will be king when the Queen dies. Nice start.

The claim is that there is a gnat’s chance in hell that Prince Charles may step aside and pass the throne to his son, Prince William. This type of headline isn’t new, and it isn’t unique to the Express, but it is yet another weaselly hint that Charles should be toppled. I’m over it.

This article says that “many have speculated” that Charles may step aside and give the throne to William. Who is this mysterious ‘many’ to whom they refer? I’ve not heard from anyone of any authority that the Prince of Wales would abdicate his role as king. More to the point, I’ve never heard Charles himself expressing a wish to step down. That’s about as likely as the Queen deciding to abdicate (ha!).  So what’s the deal?

If there is a concern about Charles being king, let’s talk about it rather than dance around in a hazy, rumor-mongering piece. The article does bring up the concern over Prince Charles’s expressed viewpoints to government ministers. Well, then? Where is a source, or actual proof of Charles’s intentions having a negative impact? Is there a real issue or is it just a popularity contest?

I’m tired of this propaganda pushing the Duke of Cambridge over the rightful heir to the throne. If we leap over people in the line of succession based only on empty values, what’s the point of monarchy? Go to Las Vegas or Hollywood and get your drama and celebrity fill. Monarchy follows the line of succession, not who gets the most votes on X Factor.

Let’s wake up and see the reality that is before us: the prince has worked his whole adult life with major success in his charitable endeavors. He isn’t doing cartwheels down the Mall, posting selfies, or stumbling awkwardly out of bars. Nor is he pretending to be something he isn’t to fill a media expectation. He is the one and only HRH The Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales and he works within that capacity. Charles makes no apologies for who he is; rather, he takes what he has and does the best work he can. I cannot see anyone better prepared to be a monarch than Charles.

Happy Anniversary!

Wedding dress of Elizabeth II

Wedding dress of Elizabeth II (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A very happy wedding anniversary to Her Majesty and to the Duke of Edinburgh.

At left, Princess Elizabeth, the future queen, donned a fringe tiara and a string of pearls to accent her beautiful gown. Designed by the princess’s favorite couturier, Sir Norman Hartnell, it was paired with her coronation dress in a special display to mark her 90th birthday this year. Her Majesty’s coronation gown was also designed by Hartnell.

Source: Telegraph

Prince George’s Royal Ranking

Royal Ranking
Prince George graduates into’s royal ranking on third birthday 

On the day the nation celebrates the third birthday of Prince George, has found that he’s sneaked his way into the royal ranking, selling nearly 19 items every day with listings including ‘Prince George style’ outfits and commemorative coins.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, the Duke o...

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh leaving Toronto’s Royal York Hotel. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, despite the 15% increase in sales since eBay’s last ranking in April, the young heir has a long way to go to catch up with his ‘Gan-Gan’ a.k.a. The Queen. Her Majesty tops the ranking selling more than 28,000 products in the last three months; that’s 13 items every hour with more than 100,000 listings currently on site, ranging from a £20,000 piece of art to DVDs.

Maintaining his second place position is Prince Harry, selling more than 25 items every day. Close friend and sister-in-law Kate Middleton follows him in third– up one place from the April ranking. The mother-of-two has sold more than 2,800 items in the last three months – with current listings including photographs and face masks.

Hanging back in fourth place is Duke of Cambridge; Prince William, selling just over 2,000 items in the last three months – nearly 10 every hour and Princess Charlotte fails to make the royal grade this time – coming in at seventh place.’s royal ranking:

    The Queen
    Prince Harry
    Kate Middleton
    Prince William
    Prince George

Note: Data taken from on the following dates:
20.04.16 – 18.07.16; 21.07.16; 20.04.16 – 18.07.16; 21.07.16; 20.04.16 – 18.07.16; 20.04.16 – 18.07.16; 21.07.16; 20.04.16 – 18.07.16; 20.04.16 – 18.07.16

Prince George Turns 3!

I know I say this each year (and probably will every year hence), but I can’t believe Prince George is growing up so fast. This time three years ago, we were anticipating his arrival and the Cambridges’ appearance together as a family of three. We were awaiting our own personal arrival, too: that of our daughter, due that September. Time flies so fast!

Happy birthday, little friend!