Camilla Sports Faberge Glory

Continuing with the Russian theme, it has been noted that Camilla has been seen wearing a Faberge brooch during her Canadian tour with Prince Charles.

The delicate lily-of-the-valley design has been seen in other Faberge pieces, most notably in pieces that feature lilies-of-the-valley blooming from jade, rock crystal, silver, and gold. The little pearl flowers also adorn some of Faberge’s famous eggs, made especially for the Imperial family.


Learn more about Camilla’s brooch at Artemisia’s Royal Jewels blog.

With This Ring – A Royal Engagement Guide

Who has which engagement ring? Find out here with my handy-dandy royal infographic. The first of many to come! Enjoy!


And The Tiara Is….

On December 3rd, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the Queen’s annual diplomatic reception. It was a white tie affair – swanky! – and the event everyone has been waiting for.

Kate wore a tiara!

For those of us enamored of royal jewelry, waiting for Kate to make her next move has had us on pins and needles. What tiara would she wear next?

Her first headpiece was, of course, her wedding tiara. Since the Cambridges’ 2011 wedding, the Duchess’ glossy locks have been devoid of sparkle and it’s been killing us. Now that’s all changed!

The Cartier scroll tiara, now famous as Kate’s wedding tiara, was striking but subtle. The debut of the Lotus Flower tiara (a.k.a Papyrus tiara) has proved the same – subtle but outstandingly beautiful.

This tiara was once owned by the Queen Mother, who, as Duchess of York, wore it low on her forehead, as was the style of the time. Kate wore the tiara tucked gracefully into her hair, styled in what looks to be a demi chignon reminiscent of her wedding day.

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The Newlywed Procession

The newlywed procession via carriage to the docked boat was magnificent! Madeleine and Chris left the Royal Palace of Stockholm in their carriage to the waiting boat, where they, along with their guests, sailed down the river to Drottningholm Palace. There will be a gala dinner celebrating the wedding, which will cap off a fairytale day! [Click images to enlarge. All images are screencaps from SVT]

Setting out:


Leaving the Royal Palace of Stockholm:

setting out

Greeting the crowds:

waving to crowds

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Princess Madeleine of Sweden Has Married!

Princess Madeleine of Sweden has married her American love, Christopher O’Neill. Below are photos of the event [click to enlarge photos. All are screen captures from].

Princess Madeleine’s wedding dress was created by Valentino and made from pleated silk organza with appliquéd ivory-coloured Chantilly lace. Her tiara, the Modern Fringe Tiara (one of her frequent headpieces), is decorated with sprigs of orange blossom.

The assembled royal guests:

euro royals

The church guests:

church guests

Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle, Princess Victoria, and Queen Silvia:

royal family with Estelle

Chris’ mother, Eva O’Neill, far left:

chris family

Chris awaits his bride with his best man:

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The Queen of Scotland

What can I say about this photo that hasn’t already been said? It’s magnificent. The Queen of Scotland in her honored finery.

Thistle Queen

The Queen, still majestic (perhaps even more so) at 87 years, stands regal on the Scottish landscape. Her sweeping green Thistle robes are complimented by the Grand Duchess Vladimir tiara, which is mounted with emeralds. She looks into the distance – is it to see what was, or what will be?

Certainly the latter, I feel, since Scotland is pushing for independence from the United Kingdom. That alone makes the image all the more poignant.

Below, a painting of the Queen that was done by William Hutchinson. She is swathed in the same emerald green robes and the magnificent tiara.

queenrobes-young-scotland(Queen Elizabeth II Wearing the Robes of the Order of the Thistle
by William Oliphant Hutchison)

Somehow, it does not capture the Queen in the way that the photo has captured her. The painting is warm, traditional, and safe. It is a young Elizabeth, adorned with chestnut brown hair and a serene look that has yet to see the challenges and highlights of sovereignty.

So what is it that makes the photograph so much… more? The answer is time. The passage of time is what makes the image more moving. With all that has passed, you see the Queen on a deeper level. She most likely does, too.

Investiture 2013: Maxima Is Sure To Shine

April 30th will be a bittersweet day. We’re all looking forward to the investiture of Prince Willem-Alexander, but we will miss Queen Beatrix.

Not only will we miss Beatrix as queen, but we will miss those unmistakable hats and her glorious array of jewels. Oh, they’ll still be around, but it won’t be the same. The full-time jewel and tiara-wearing will fall to Maxima, who is sure to shine as King Willem-Alexander’s queen consort.

We know Maxima, and she’s not going to disappoint. Her hats are not as distinct as those of Queen Beatrix, but she will certainly pull her weight in the jewel department. Her record as a princess bears that out – if it’s not colorful statement jewelry, then Maxima is wearing the heck out of a set of rubies, emeralds, or diamonds. I can hardly wait for her “queen style”.

Willem-Alexander will wear a tail coat with white tie under the royal mantle, but Maxima will surely pull out all the stops with a gorgeous gown and magnificent suite. As with Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding, I am going to try and guess which tiara will be worn for the event! A few ideas (click to enlarge images):

maxima_peacockThe Peacock Tiara is part of a huge ruby and diamond set which includes this matching necklace.

The little jewel “spray”, or peacock motif, on the tiara is actually a removable piece. This is not the only ruby darling up Maxima’s well-tailored sleeve, however!

ruby mellerio The Ruby Mellerio tiara We’ve heard the Mellerio name before – he’s a French jeweler famous for creating several Dutch tiaras as well as tiaras belonging to Spanish royals (Mellerio Shell and Floral tiaras). This ruby parure, the tiara worn by Maxima at left, was ordered by King Willem III for his second wife, Queen Emma.

DiamondbeandeauThe Diamond Bandeau Tiara was created for Queen Juliana using large diamonds that her grandmother, Queen Emma, had received as a wedding gift.

Maxima has worn this tiara on several occasions. At left, she dons the Bandeau for the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. The sumptuous diamond rocks are set in platinum.

max stars Maxima’s ‘Stars’ wedding tiara – These beauts belonged to Queen Emma. Maxima has worn this tiara on several occasions and donned it for her wedding day to Willem-Alexander.

I didn’t realize that another tiara like this existed. Interestingly, the Mountbatten family has a similar tiara within their family. If you thought a fringe tiara was pointy, guess again!

aquamarinesAquamarines are amazing. These brilliant blue gems have graced the likes of Queen Elizabeth II, Swedish princesses, and of course, the Dutch royal ladies.

These particular aquamarines seen on Maxima are Brazilian Aquamarines, an eighteenth birthday present for Princess Juliana from her parents. The tiara is a diamond and aquamarine bandeau topped with seven large briolette cut aquamarine stones (a briolette is an elongated pear-shaped gemstone cut with facets, and is often styled to hang as a bead).

Maxima pearlsThe Antique Peal tiara holds large, pear-shaped pearl spikes within an array of delicate diamond petals. The spikes are removable for a more subtle look without losing sparkle.

Maxima has worn the tiara both ways, and at left we see her in the tiara’s full glory for one of her official 40th birthday portraits in 2011 (photo by Erwin Olaf).

What’s your preferred suite for Maxima? Do you think she’ll wear something other than these? Let me know in the comments below. Viva le Orange!

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