Camilla Sports Faberge Glory

Continuing with the Russian theme, it has been noted that Camilla has been seen wearing a Faberge brooch during her Canadian tour with Prince Charles.

The delicate lily-of-the-valley design has been seen in other Faberge pieces, most notably in pieces that feature lilies-of-the-valley blooming from jade, rock crystal, silver, and gold. The little pearl flowers also adorn some of Faberge’s famous eggs, made especially for the Imperial family.


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And The Tiara Is….

On December 3rd, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the Queen’s annual diplomatic reception. It was a white tie affair – swanky! – and the event everyone has been waiting for.

Kate wore a tiara!

For those of us enamored of royal jewelry, waiting for Kate to make her next move has had us on pins and needles. What tiara would she wear next?

Her first headpiece was, of course, her wedding tiara. Since the Cambridges’ 2011 wedding, the Duchess’ glossy locks have been devoid of sparkle and it’s been killing us. Now that’s all changed!

The Cartier scroll tiara, now famous as Kate’s wedding tiara, was striking but subtle. The debut of the Lotus Flower tiara (a.k.a Papyrus tiara) has proved the same – subtle but outstandingly beautiful.

This tiara was once owned by the Queen Mother, who, as Duchess of York, wore it low on her forehead, as was the style of the time. Kate wore the tiara tucked gracefully into her hair, styled in what looks to be a demi chignon reminiscent of her wedding day.

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The Newlywed Procession

The newlywed procession via carriage to the docked boat was magnificent! Madeleine and Chris left the Royal Palace of Stockholm in their carriage to the waiting boat, where they, along with their guests, sailed down the river to Drottningholm Palace. There will be a gala dinner celebrating the wedding, which will cap off a fairytale day! [Click images to enlarge. All images are screencaps from SVT]

Setting out:


Leaving the Royal Palace of Stockholm:

setting out

Greeting the crowds:

waving to crowds