Kate Middleton May Change Her Hair. Gasp.

It’s rumored that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, will be changing her hairstyle soon.

Thank you, Lord. Unless, of course, this means she’s just going to sport different bangs again. At least that’s a start. You DO move in mysterious ways.

If Kate is changing her hairstyle, the move is probably being made due to the fall out from Remembrance Day.

Yeah, the twirly-gig hairstyle that she was fussing with. On a balcony. In front of the world. On REMEMBRANCE DAY. That’s silly on any occasion, embarrassing on Remembrance Day.

[See the photo]

Any professional woman will tell you that it’s vital to look polished, and part of that includes not having to fuss with your hair every 23.6 seconds. No fuss, no muss, stay classy – that’s the rule. For some reason, Kate doesn’t get that.

I believe this is why the media constantly refers to her as “Kate Middleton”. Sure, she’s also called by her title, but she’s ALWAYS Kate Middleton in there somewhere.

Diana was referred to by her first name, as “the Princess of Wales”, or usually as “Princess Diana” in the media (which is not correct, but anyway…). She was never Lady Diana after her marriage, and she certainly wasn’t “Diana Spencer”. This is because Diana embraced her role. She always turned out immaculately coiffed and professionally made-up. Kate does not seem as pulled together, and thus perhaps not as royal. Hence the constant referral to her common name.

If I was a duchess married to the heir to the British throne, I would immediately want to change the perception of cutesy-pie girl to a professional royal woman. Maybe that’s just me?

Ok! Magazine writer Haley Longman commented on Kate’s infamous Remembrance Day hair twirl. Let me just state for the record that her brief bio is this:

Into all boy bands, past and present, and will watch anything on TV about teens or pregnancy (so clearly Teen Mom is her favorite).

That may be giving away the plot, but read on.

Why would people be mad that Kate Middleton was being really cute and twirling her perfect hair with her perfect fingers in public? Jealous, maybe, but mad?

Ah, there’s that “Kate Middleton” again. Haley can understand jealousy (surprised she didn’t use the term “haters”) but not anger at Kate’s disrespectful hair twirling during a solemn occasion.

We say eff that, and let Kate be Kate. Sheesh. Every girl needs a good public hair twirl every now and then.

Every GIRL. Hum.

Well, it’s nice to see that the clueless ‘tween demographic supports Kate’s fussiness. Maybe the Duchess can present the next Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award and REALLY be the popular kid.

If the rumor of Kate’s hairstyle change is true, then I’m all for it. I support her choice to step up and be more professional. She is, after all, part of the Queen’s legacy, and to be anything less than regal is a shame. After all of Her Majesty’s work, the last thing she needs is Lizzie McGuire taking up the reins with William.

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And The Tiara Is….

On December 3rd, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the Queen’s annual diplomatic reception. It was a white tie affair – swanky! – and the event everyone has been waiting for.

Kate wore a tiara!

For those of us enamored of royal jewelry, waiting for Kate to make her next move has had us on pins and needles. What tiara would she wear next?

Her first headpiece was, of course, her wedding tiara. Since the Cambridges’ 2011 wedding, the Duchess’ glossy locks have been devoid of sparkle and it’s been killing us. Now that’s all changed!

The Cartier scroll tiara, now famous as Kate’s wedding tiara, was striking but subtle. The debut of the Lotus Flower tiara (a.k.a Papyrus tiara) has proved the same – subtle but outstandingly beautiful.

This tiara was once owned by the Queen Mother, who, as Duchess of York, wore it low on her forehead, as was the style of the time. Kate wore the tiara tucked gracefully into her hair, styled in what looks to be a demi chignon reminiscent of her wedding day.

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Wedding Extravaganza For Monaco

300px-Charlotte_Casiraghi1It’s a wedding extravaganza for Monaco! The principality is set to celebrate the marriages of Princess Caroline’s eldest children.

The diamond studded band recently seen on Charlotte Casiraghi’s left hand seems to indicate what we all suspected: she is engaged to partner Gad Elmaleh. Some hinted that it meant a secret wedding had taken place when it was determined that Charlotte was pregnant. As it turns out, the wedding will happen in the Autumn. Congratulations to the couple!

Charlotte’s elder brother, Andrea, will marry his longtime love Tatiana Santo Domingo at the end of August. They recently had their first child in March, and have been engaged since July 2012.

During my most recent RoyaltyNow! video, I wished that Charlotte had married before getting pregnant, because she would’ve made a beautiful bride. Stunning, probably on par with Princess Grace. That, and it would be nice to legitimize one’s offspring, but what do I know? It’s Monaco! They do what they want.

Now both weddings are happening within a couple of months of one another! So let’s gear up for a Mediterranean wedding wonderland!

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