2011: A look back for the Queen

This has been a banner year for Her Majesty. After two royal weddings and several successful tours, she now looks forward to her Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Throughout the year, many events kept Her Majesty busy. We take a look back at 2011 in review: January 10th: Singer Charlotte Church apologizes for referring to the Queen as 'an ...

The King’s Speech Released on DVD

April 19th marks the release of The King's Speech on DVD and Blu-ray. This brilliant film won the Academy Award® for Best Picture, Best Actor (Colin Firth as the King), Best Supporting Actress (Helena Bonham Carter as Queen Elizabeth), and Best Director (Tom Hooper). When I saw this movie in February, I was deeply impressed. Upon returning ...

NEW at RoyaltyNow! Fall of the British Empire DVD Review

Today I review the 3-DVD set of Fall of the British Empire. It is a riveting documentary beginning with the funeral of Queen-Empress Victoria, covering all the major events and players - Nehru, Mountbatten, Gandhi, and more. [Click here to go to RoyaltyNow!] NEXT: Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire by Amanda Foreman.

Up Next: A review of ‘The Fall of the British Empire’

"The sun never sets on the British Empire". The far-reaching political and cultural might of the Sceptered Isle is embodied in this documentary. Vintage Movietone News footage reveals the pageantry and magic that was, as well as the players of the worldwide drama that shaped nations and events. Review coming soon!